Opportunities to collaborate for our team

Since we returned from Brussels, several international organisations expressed interest in meeting our team and in finding out more about the Zôkaji project. That way, thanks to Enabel, which set up meetings for us, we could meet with UNFPA, Plan international and Marie Stopes International, who welcomed us warmly to present our ‘design concept’ to them.

 These organisations expressed their enthusiasm for our innovative idea and they are willing to help us implement this project, for instance by helping us with communication support in view of boosting our visibility in the country through the media, awareness-raising campaigns, etc. Indeed, during these meetings we shared ideas about our application and we could also discuss possible collaboration

They actually proposed to be involved in the project development process and they asked us to notify them of any new emerging needs. That is great because that way we can work with sector professionals and we can learn about the work that these partner organisations do.


New meetings with other actors are scheduled for the upcoming weeks and we hope to continue to bring together partners around our project and to have more meetings with the network contacts that we have established here in Niger and in Brussels.  

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