Zôkaji team meeting

On Friday 22 March 2019 our team met to look at the main steps that we still need to take and particularly to discuss problems encountered with putting the application ‘on the market’.

With the design of the graphic user interface being almost completed, we started thinking of educational videos on sexual and reproductive health, namely on aspects such as:

  • The anatomy and physiology of men and women
  • Puberty and changes occurring at that age
  • Early pregnancies
  • Gender and gender-based violence
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections.

These videos and the graphic user interface will be tested with the target population to collect their views on user-friendliness and understanding of the contents, the usefulness of the application and its contents, the way the content is presented and any problems encountered.

We also discussed an important issue, namely the availability of the team members. Indeed, we all have duties other than the Zôkaji project and these interfere with the good progress of implementation and might make us miss deadlines.

Some of us are busy with our studies while some of us are public servants or have to travel for their work.

That is why we decided to strengthen our team with two or possibly three more youths who, like us, are available and willing to face the challenge.


We now understand how difficult it is for students and young professionals to realise such a comprehensive project. But, by expanding our team and better sharing the tasks it is certainly possible to do this while respecting everyone’s availability.



Do check the demo of our user interface below!

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