No plan is perfect...

It is hard to combine project demands with the team’s professional and study engagements. This has hampered the progress of our Zôkaji project, particularly so in the month of Ramadan. With fasting and temperatures up to 44 degrees our meetings have been far less dynamic and have attracted fewer attendants.


And as we start putting things in practice, we had to drop certain aspects and add others in the budget, which forced us to reconsider the initial budget. We have decided for example to no longer buy a mini server which was hard to procure in Niger but work with cloud services. In addition, we needed to pay administrative fees to be registered as an NGO, which we were advised to do by our partners. Fortunately however, regardless of the changes made to the budget, we were able stay within the original margins.


We remain motivated of course and are exploring ways in which we can catch up with the time lost. 

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