Getting settled in

After spending a whole week buying office accessories, we have finally completed the layout of our office to make it a more friendly and original place, just like our Zokaji team.


To remind us of the beginning of this adventure, we put up the large banner "Hack the Goals 2018ʼʼ  in the centre of the room and the large cardboard cheque obtained when we won the main prize in Brussels. For a touch of originality, and to highlight our application, we have also created posters with all the interfaces of the application.


In addition, we bought a computer for the team and subscribed to a more stable internet connection so that we can collaborate better online (also with one of our team members who went to Senegal to study). As this is the team's office, we have also put group photos taken since the beginning of our team work.


Now that we are settled in, members are in the office more often (we meet four times a week) and the work is more pleasant.

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