This was Hack the Goals 2018 - Belgium...


On 20 and 21 April 2018, WikiCM, the global citizenship education knowledge centre of Annoncer la Couleur, organised a 24-hour hackathon with more than 30 youths on the question:


How can digital initiatives turn youths into global citizenship actors?


Find out more on the Hack2Act website (presentation of partners, jury, prizes, etc.)


Photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook and the Annoncer la Couleur YouTube channel.

Annoncer la Couleur

Annoncer la Couleur is Belgium’s federal global citizenship education programme. It is financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation and coordinated by the Belgian development agency Enabel. Its primary target group are teachers and principals of French-speaking schools in Belgium.


Through participatory learning, global citizenship education aims to raise awareness and teach pupils about global interdependences, to encourage them to act as responsible citizens who know international solidarity is important, and to contribute to a fair and more sustainable world.


For the 2014-2019 period, the Programme aims to:

  1. Prepare and make available a high-quality learning offer that fulfils the needs of schools:
  2. Strengthen the capacities of schools and teachers in the matter;
  3. Capitalise on and share experiences and innovate on the basis of Global Citizenship Education good practices.


For this third results domain Annoncer la Couleur created WikiCM, the global citizenship education knowledge centre.


This genuine crossroad of knowledge, WikiCM, is a dynamic network that stimulates innovation and global citizenship education.


WikiCM consists of education sector actors (teachers, networkers, school administrators…) and global citizenship education actors (NGOs, associations, Annoncer la Couleur…). Together, they propose innovation labs, which, like an incubator, identify, collect, foster and share existing or innovative global citizenship education practices from Belgium or elsewhere. WikiCM aims to develop synergies and foster learning through consultation and cooperation.


Every year WikiCM launches innovation labs on a theme, topic of issue presented by the centre’s members. For instance, a lab was developed on gender issues and another one on learning about various forms of power. Another lab still focused on the links between global citizenship education and the new mandatory subject matter course in official French-speaking schools in Belgium: philosophy and citizenship education.


Since last years, we discuss the link between digital initiatives and global citizenship education. How can digital initiatives foster global citizenship among youths? To answer these questions, obviously the question should be asked to youths... That is how we ended up organising the very first Belgian hackathon on global citizenship.

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