This was Hack the Goals 2018 - Morocco...

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Challenge I & II

Even though the Moroccan economy is growing, growth is stop-and-go and remains a matter of circumstances, and the population does not benefit equally. Indeed, social and spatial inequalities are exacerbated.


Inequalities are multi-dimensional and pertain to gender, economic status, disability or economic, social and political insertion.  


How can we improve Moroccan citizens’ understanding of their rights and help them to claim their rights with the authorities (and other stakeholders) in the face of situations of discrimination or violence? 


How can we help migrants to become integrated in the country?

Challenge III

In Morocco, the 15 to 34-year-old constitute one-third of the population. Yet, two out of three of the country’s unemployed also originate from this age group. The Moroccan government considers tackling this phenomenon and inserting these youths a priority since they offer a huge potential for energizing the future and developing the country.


How can we enable youths to access reliable up-to-date and available information to resolve the root causes of unemployment and foster their employability and improve access to the job market? 

Challenge IV

The location of Morocco and the impact of climate change, which affects countries worldwide, confront us with major challenges that must be addressed.

Water stress, extreme weather events or natural disasters call for the urgent development and implementation of innovative solutions to ensure resilience by taking mitigation and/or adaptation measures to accommodate the inevitable effects of climate change. 


How can we raise awareness and mobilise the population to contribute to fighting climate change? And how can we demonstrate with solutions and pilot experiences that the challenge can be addressed and that these goals can be achieved?

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