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Challenge I & II

Good health is a basic condition for participating to the economy and contributing to a country's development. The introduction of free-of-charge primary health care for the most vulnerable in 2005 fostered access to care among children under five. Regardless of the investments made, the overall evolution remains lacklustre, strong inequalities persist and the quality of care remains poor.


Enabel supports Niger in delivering accessible quality health care to the whole of its population. We test the implementation of fundamental reforms in the sector such as the performance-based financing of the healthcare entities, the digitisation of management of healthcare services and quality assurance of the services offered to the population.


Challenge: How can we boost access to information, particularly among youths, to support (sexual and reproductive) health, considering the low rates of literacy in Niger? 


Challenge: How can we improve the management of the healthcare quality complaint system? 

Challenge III

Stock breeding is a dynamic growth-generating sector in Niger's economy. Stock breeding is a primary or secondary source of revenue for approximately 87 % of the active population. Demand is high, but purchasing power is low and not everyone can afford to pay for the end products.


Enabel supports this sector in view of improving food security and boosting the incomes of the populations that depend of it. Making the stockbreeding sector more resilient, performing and sustainable is a challenge that we address with our actions targeting stockbreeding products, added value creation and marketing and with our interventions to better manage and protect the natural resources that are essential for stock breeding, but also through capacity development of the stakeholders involved. 


Challenge: How can we facilitate the production, collection, processing and dissemination of information on the results of the exploitation of cattle markets in real time in order to promote transparency and good governance? 

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