This was Hack the Goals 2018 - Gaza...

This was Hack the Goals 2018 - West Bank...

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Challenge I - Gaza & West Bank

Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade for more than 11 years, bringing the livelihood of nearly 2 million Palestinian citizens to the brink of collapse as the humanitarian crisis grows in severity and intensity.


In the West Bank, one of the major challenges for the Palestinian government in Area C is to provide adequate infrastructure for the delivery of basic and public services to the citizens and making them responsible for their own health and well-being


Challenge: How can we help Palestinians living in remote areas when they are in urgent need of health services?

Challenge II - Gaza & West Bank

Inequality in the Palestinian Territory takes many different forms across a range of intersecting dimensions. Patriarchal society and traditional gender roles often result in limitations for women (to pursue a certain career, to study in a certain field, etc.). Next to this, the prevailing societal culture towards persons with disabilities often pushes them to live in a state of social exclusion in many areas. 


Challenge: How can we stimulate discussions between Palestinians on societal challenges, so mutual understanding is reinforced and solutions are found together?


Challenge III - Gaza

Two million Palestinian citizens in Gaza live in a state of humanitarian crisis with very high unemployment and lack of opportunities for the youth.


Challenge: How can we improve long-distance and digital work opportunities for people from Gaza?


Challenge III - West Bank

The Oslo II Accord divided the West Bank into three administrative divisions: Areas A, B and C. The areas were given different statuses, according to their governance: Area A is exclusively administered by the Palestinian Authority; Area B is administered by both the Palestinian Authority and Israel; and Area C (61 % of the West Bank), which contains the Israeli settlements, is administered by Israel.


For Palestinians living in these areas, it is not always clear what their civil rights are, and to which administration they should direct their questions and inquiries. 


Challenge: How can we raise awareness of Palestinians on their civil rights under the rule of law in the different territories?

Challenge IV - West Bank

Local government officials can’t be omnipresent, due to the time they have available and the remoteness of some of the areas under their jurisdiction. Therefore it is not always easy to stay on top of citizens’ needs and to know if there are troubles with the provided public services (e.g. garbage collection, street lighting, state of the roads). 


Challenge: How can we ensure that municipalities are aware of citizens’ needs in real-time and respond to these?

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