Nominated design concepts

The winners of each country will soon pitch their design concept here. They are nominated for the main prize of € 5 000 to further develop their idea into a functioning prototype.



Two representatives of each winning team will present their innovative solution in Brussels during the closing event with award ceremony. Join us on the 16th of November for a meet and greet!


  • Team: 1TerreAction
  • Challenge: What type of digital innovation might inspire youth to act as responsible world citizens?
  • Design concept:  Game to inform children and youths at the age of 10-12 about climate change by putting them in charge and having them manage the quality of life on their planet
  • Team members: Alison Allard, Marielle Berlanger, Gaëtan Bruneteau, Camille      Burlet, Avril de Pierpont, Michel Van Den Hove, Alexis van der Haegen


  • Team: L7DAGA
  • Challenge: How could we increase young people's access to reliable and timely information to resolve constraints related to unemployment?
  • Design concept: A mobile application (in French, Arab and Darija) with audio (for illiterates) that connects women in a precarious situation offering services (household chores, cleaning, warm meals,…) with clients who require this type of services. To further provide support, specific training sessions will be provided to build the capacities of these women for effective use of the tool.
  • Team members: El Mehdi Abdenassar, Fadel Drissi Toubbali, Abdennasser Faraji, Omar Rachouk


  • Team: Zôkaji
  • Challenge: How might we increase (young) people's access to information for (sexual and reproductive) health, whilst recognising the low literacy rates in Niger
  • Design concept: Mobile phone application that provides information and games, to make the application attractive, on a range of topics related to sexual and reproductive health (stds, adolescence, pregnancy, ...) in multiple languages (French, Haussa, Djerma and sign language) and through audio (for illiterate users)
  • Team leden: Adamou Abdoul Razak, Ali Seydou Abdoulrahamane, Abdou Magagi Boubacar, Djibril Issoufou Maman, Lawali Idi Djibo, Jamila Mounkaila Moussa et Ramatou Boubacar Hassane

Palestinian Territory

  • Team: Pocket Doctor
  • Challenge: How can we help Palestinians living in remote areas when they are in urgent need of health services?
  • Design concept: An application based on Internet of Things and Machine Learning for the purpose of providing basic health services using cheap integrated medical sensors connected through third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology (3G). The aim is to design a smart watch (wristband) that works in synchronization with a mobile application that incorporates the medical network present in the area where the watch is activated. Hence, medical services could be provided for people in need when needed, and their vital information can be delivered in real time to the health providers.
  • Team members: Fayez Jabra, Ahmed Bsharat, Suliman Abu-Jaroor, Ahmed Bargouthi, Asma Abed-Alqadeer


  • Team: Saytù Njuur
  • Challenge : How can we improve the access of women to family planning?
  • Design concept : Saytù Njuur is an e-health application for family planning, available in French and local languages (Wolof, Pular, Serer, Diola), integrating an intuitive visual system, and a voice and audio system to facilitate its use by illiterates. The application provides different features:
    (1) the menstrual calendar that allows natural birth control
    (2) a family planning feature that provides a list of the different methods of family planning available, their advantages, their costs, etc...
    (3) a feature that allows for geolocalisation of health structures and available pharmacies in the proximity of the user
    (4) an information feature that brings together public et private discussion fora, and sensitisation video in the local languages. The objectif of the private discussion forum is for the user to be able to interact with the health officer for personalized support.
  • Team members  : Awa Ndiaye, Pape Massar Sow, Marie Madeleine Diedhiou, Anne Marie Diop, Serigne Djibril Sigalti Badji, Aliou Ba


  • Team: Muyizi  / Bobi Teaching Assistant
  • Challenge: How might we ensure inclusive higher education for special needs learners in Uganda?
  • Design Concept: Bobi Teaching Assistant - A mobile and web application that offers higher education content to learners with hearing and visual impairment. The Bobi Teaching Assistant will aim at offering Massive Open Online/Offline Courses in Ugandan Sign Language for learners with hearing impairments and an all-voice-enabled learning platform with national curricula fully adopted to audio. This application will be backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence enabled analytics to provide meaningful insights to the learning process of students with special needs.
  • Team members: Esther Mirembe Nampiima, Carine Mwinja Byabuze, Robert Bob Okello, Elvis Ssemaganda, Jonathan Ssewaguma, Tesluach Lul, Martin Ssemulugo.

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