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Team Zokaji

  • Team members: Adamou Abdoul Razak, Ali Seydou Abdoulrahamane, Abdou Magagi Boubacar, Djibril Issoufou Maman, Lawali Idi Djibo, Jamila Mounkaila Moussa, Almaimoune Abdoussamade et Ramatou Boubacar Hassane

Their design concept

  • Challenge: How might we increase (young) people's access to information for (sexual and reproductive) health, whilst recognising the low literacy rates in Niger
  • Design concept: Mobile phone application that provides information and games, to make the application attractive, on a range of topics related to sexual and reproductive health (stds, adolescence, pregnancy, ...) in multiple languages (French, Haussa, Djerma and sign language) and through audio (for illiterate users)

The work and images above by Team Zokaji are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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