The Jury

Nick Bogaert

Nick Bogaert is an innovation strategist & Business designer at Board of Innovation. He started his career working in development. He has worked in academia, and as a consultant for UN projects in South Africa. Working in development made him realize that meaningful change and innovation go hand in hand.


These days, he gets the chance to do the two things that he loves on a daily basis: Empowering people to look at the future with optimism & getting his hands dirty trying to imagine and build that future.

Lode Bruneel

Lode Bruneel is the ‘digital for development’ policy advisor of Minister Alexander De Croo.


He helped outline the Belgian D4D strategy and assisted in the creation of the two-yearly D4D prize, the D4D platform ‘Kindling’ and the D4D programme ‘wehubit’.


Lode has a master’s degree in governance and public management and a background in finances.

Now, his interest primarily is innovation as a vector of development and innovative financing.

Samira el Keffi

Samira el Keffi is the coordinator of Enabel’s ‘Organisational Development & Develab (digital innovation incubator)’ department.


She graduated from business school and has more than 15 years of experience in the development cooperation sector.


She is also engaged in civil society and advocates human rights, particularly gender equality.


She is passionate about digitisation and education.

Laurence Gerard

Laurence Gerard is a mother of 3. She spent the first 18 years of her life in Africa, which explains why she works in international cooperation.


After studying law and political sciences in international relations at the ULB (Brussels), she worked for Handicap International and followed up projects in the field and the management and follow-up of public financing.


She had the occasion to go to the field and see how the projects are implemented thanks to support of Belgium. She trained teams and partners in the field to contribute to capacity development. 


Now, her interest primarily is innovation as a vector of development and innovative financing.  

Dries Van Nieuwenhuyse

Dries Van Nieuwenhuyse is a thought leader on the role of technology and statistics on the decision-making processes of organisations. He has a focus on the interactions and collaborations between Strategic, Financial, Business and Analytical Intelligence.


He helps organisations in the areas of Business Intelligence Strategy, fact-based change management and coaching.

Ysaline Van Ravestyn

Ysaline Van Ravestyn is a Development Cooperation Attaché for the FPS Foreign Affairs and file manager for Morocco and Guinea Conakry for the civil society department.


Digitisation is an important instrument for Belgian civil society organisations and their partners operating in these two countries as it facilitates the achievement of the targeted objectives.


So, she is very sensitive about it and is pleased to learn more about the projects proposed for Hack the Goals.

Olivier Vanden Eynde

Olivier Vanden Eynde founded Close the Gap, an international social entreprise, in 2001 as a spin-off at the Solvay Business School of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium.


Close the Gap creates a win-win between companies and non-profits to provide affordable IT solutions to social projects in developing countries.


Today, Close the Gap is considered one of three largest ICT suppliers worldwide for budget-limited not-for-profits in developing countries. To ensure sustainable recycling of IT assets once they reach the end of their second life in developing countries, Olivier also founded the social enterprise WorldLoop in 2011 and today is the CEO of both organizations. 


More and more Close the Gap is evolving as “digital for development” topic owner with new strategic programs like LEAP2 that stimulates tech entrepreneurship in Africa or the coordination of the Belgian Digital for Development platform (D4D-Be) that was awarded to Close the Gap and Agoria by the Belgium Development Cooperation.

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