09. August 2019
In order to create an application that can meet users' needs and is usable (in other words that is designed with the User Experience in mind), we conducted tests in a controlled environment on Thursday. First, we selected seven boys from the Jamila district and, secondly, also a group of girls from a high school near the Djibril school, based on the age criterion (15-16 years). We put these young people in front of our first prototype to see how they would cope. Then we also designed a...
26. July 2019
After spending a whole week buying office accessories, we have finally completed the layout of our office to make it a more friendly and original place, just like our Zokaji team. To remind us of the beginning of this adventure, we put up the large banner "Hack the Goals 2018ʼʼ in the centre of the room and the large cardboard cheque obtained when we won the main prize in Brussels. For a touch of originality, and to highlight our application, we have also created posters with all the...
28. June 2019
It is hard to combine project demands with the team’s professional and study engagements. This has hampered the progress of our Zôkaji project, particularly so in the month of Ramadan.
03. May 2019
Après un longe recherche nous avons finalement trouvé nos bureaux pour développer d'avantage notre application Zôkaji.
12. April 2019
With our Graphic User Interface almost finished, our team had a meeting last Friday to discuss the next important steps in the development of our prototype.
07. April 2019
Since we returned from Brussels, several international organisations expressed interest in meeting our team and in finding out more about the Zôkaji project. Read more here about how we will collaborate with them!

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