Gefeliciteerd aan Team Zôkaji uit Niger!

  • Team leden: Adamou Abdoul Razak, Ali Seydou Abdoulrahamane, Abdou Magagi Boubacar, Djibril Issoufou Maman, Lawali Idi Djibo, Jamila Mounkaila Moussa, Almaimoune Abdoussamade et Ramatou Boubacar Hassane

De winnende oplossing

  • Challenge: Hoe zouden we de toegang van de (jonge) bevolking tot informatie voor (seksuele en reproductieve) gezondheid kunnen verbeteren, rekening houdend met de lage graad van alfabetisering?
  • Design concept: Een applicatie voor de mobiele telefoon die in meerdere talen (Frans, Haussa, Djerma en gebarentaal) en met audio (voor analfabeten) informatie rond verschillende thema's van seksuele en reproductieve gezondheid (soa, puberteit, zwangerschap, ...) aanbiedt en met spelletjes / games om de applicatie aantrekkelijk te maken.

Het werk en de beelden hierboven door Team Zokaji zijn gelicenseerd onder een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding 4. Internationale Licentie.


I am a lawyer by training and a digital believer by conviction. I am proud to be part of a dynamic generation that wants to develop Niger!


I am 22 and I am doing a Master’s in IT network security and administration. I love everything about the latest IT technologies. This is the second hackathon I participate in.


I am 23 and I study at the business school of SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY. I started my own business 2 years ago. I am bilingual. I’m interested in football and tennis. I like exploring and trying out all kinds of fields of activity. I am ambitious and very motivated to be an entrepreneur. I aim to create solutions in various domains, particularly to remove obstacles which developing countries face.


I am a student and 18 years old. I am in my second year of business and innovation at SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY of Niger.

I am passionate about business and dream of starting my own enterprise. I spend a great deal of my leisure time reading books and looking for training opportunities.

To me, this hackaton was a very nice experience because I got a glimpse of business life.


I am passionate about ICT. I am into network security and administration. I am interested in networks and systems, in IT maintenance and Voice over IP.


I am a communicator and graphic designer by training. Both these areas fascinate me. I am currently working as a volunteer for the National Editing and Media Office.


I study at the Multinational Telecommunications School of Higher Learning (ESMT). I am doing the first year of Telecom and IT Engineering. I spend my free hours on innovative solutions to resolve problems which my community faces. This is the second hackathon I participate in.

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